A Cloud Hosted Phone Solution

Expanding your business but grounded by an expensive on-premise phone system? It’s time for a personalized solution at an affordable price. XiCall’s cloud hosted PBX solution empowers businesses to cut their dusty old landlines and start saving money on operating expenses.

Rather than using an on-premise phone server, XiCall’s IP platform frees employees to use any internet enabled device to reliably connect with new customers and trusted clients alike.

XiCall’s unique cloud solution also increases usability. The Cloud software prioritizes your office’s bandwidth activity to maintain optimum service to your business’ most vital functions.

With a XiCall Cloud solution you won’t have to worry about wires or modems. Just put our handset on your desk and we handle the rest. From video to voice, individual to conference and call recording to instant messaging, at your desk or on the go, you’ll always be connected.