A Custom Solution for your Industry

Our Phone System was built specifically for businesses needing a flexible and scalable business communication platform. XiCall tailors its services to help all businesses stay connected.

Automotive Services

For dealerships and dealer networks XiCall provides an easy and scalable phone system solution:

  • Route incoming calls to the sales team or service center
  • Provide staff with a dedicated, mobile compatible number
  • Track internet referrals and 800 number calls with detailed data
  • Improve sales performance with call recording

Professional Services

Banks, accounting firms, and attorneys need to protect their clients and their time. XiCall can help to:

  • Protect your business and integrity with call recording
  • Manage your billing with call reporting


From a single office to hospital campus connectivity XiCall provides unique solutions:

  • Protect your privacy with a dedicated personal number
  • Connect paging & intercoms on a hospital campus
  • Provide extension numbers for specific departments
  • Include general practice hours with a simple call menu


With hundreds of phones, even small per-unit cost reductions will save your hotel money. In the restaurant industry, hours are spent on the phone answer the same couple questions. Save your staff valuable time with XiCall:

  • Restaurant hours, specials, and location with auto-attendant
  • Call waiting and forwarding to appropriate staff members
  • Monitor hotel service staff with integrated coding
  • Protect with 911 capability


Let your sales staff focus on keeping your guests happy. Save the annoying and time-consuming queries for XiCall:

  • Play custom music and list store sales while caller is on-hold
  • Give callers the store location & hours with auto-attendant

Contractors & Service Professionals

Private contractors, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, roofers and other service professionals need a special calling system to connect and monitor a busy and mobile staff. XiCall knows your solution:

  • Connect your field agent with a mobile client
  • Scalable solutions for growing shops
  • Monitor points of contact with dedicated lines
  • Provide callers with locations and hours on auto-attendant

Real Estate

Real estate agents, brokers, and loan officers live on their phones. Connecting this mobile workforce with traditional landlines creates a unique set of challenges. XiCall will simplify your phone system:

  • Receive calls anywhere with “find me, follow me” capability
  • Special extensions for real estate boxes and flyers
  • Call routing to specific agents with auto-attendant
  • Separate business and personal numbers to protect privacy

Don’t see your industry here? We can still design a custom phone solution to fit your business. Contact us today to start the process.