What is SD-WAN?

If you have an employee using social media when an executive receives an incoming call, which connection is more important to your business? It’s an easy answer for you but your internet router can’t tell the difference; it gives each user equal connection speeds.

SD-WAN is a speed and reliability solution to solve these detrimental allocation issues. The SD-WAN software manages the network speed, giving priority to pertinent business services. SD-WAN also reduces the latencies with its redundant connection to multiple networks. In the event of a local infrastructure failure you’ll still have effective service.

In some cases, customers can expect up to an 85% network cost reduction while still improving deployment and reliability. These numbers are achieved by utilizing multiple broadband connections and app intelligence to ensure your business apps are routed through an optimal path.

This easy solution is applied directly to the router so businesses don’t necessarily need a VoIP.