Affordable & Scalable Small Business Calling

Small businesses trying to survive in a competitive market need flexible solutions. Maybe it’s an alternative to expensive on-premise hardware or a cloud-based system that can rapidly expand and contract with your changing employment needs.

XiCall’s cloud-based PBX gives businesses a central platform to connect and manage calls. When on-boarding a new employee, the business won’t be stalled waiting weeks or months for a new digital number and expensive on-premise hardware upgrades. With XiCall new employees will be connected to the cloud with a new number in just a matter of hours.

Once everyone is cloud-connected XiCall’s phone system give small businesses of all types the features they need for continued growth:

  • Crystal Clear HD Calling
  • Intuitive Customer Portal
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Auto Voice Attendant
  • Advanced Call Transfer Options
  • Central Console Administration Portal
  • Extension Dialing
  • Call Forwarding, Waiting, & Caller ID